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About the Course

In this comprehensive MDCAT prep course, developed by top-performing King Edward Medical University (KEMU) students, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT). The course comprehensively covers MDCAT English, offering topic-specific videos to clarify concepts and quizzes for assessing your understanding.

Join our MDCAT prep course today and let our experienced KEMU Medical Students guide you towards success in your journey to becoming a future doctor.


What will you learn?

Gain a strong grasp of MDCAT English. Enhance comprehension with topic-specific videos that simplify complex concepts. Evaluate your understanding and monitor progress through quizzes designed to assess knowledge.


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Course Content

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Topic 1 Active and Passive Voice
Topic 2 Adjectives
Topic 3 Adverb
Topic 4 Articles
Topic 5 Clauses
Topic 6 Conjunction & Interjection
Topic 7 Direct and Indirect Speech
Topic 8 Forms of Verbs
Topic 9 Identifying Parts of Sentence
Topic 10 Miscellaneous Grammar
Topic 11 Noun
Topic 12 Phrases
Topic 13 Preposition
Topic 14 Pronouns
Topic 15 Punctuation
Topic 16 Sentence Completion
Topic 17 Sentence Correction
Topic 18 Sentence Identification
Topic 19 Spelling
Lesson Content
Topic 20 Spot The Error
Topic 21 Subject-Verb Agreement (Concord) Mistakes
Topic 22 Vocabulary
Topic 23 Reading Comprehension
Topic 24 Inversion
Book 1 MCQs
Book 2 MCQs
Book 3 MCQs
Book 4 MCQs

About the Instructors

MDCAT English Tutor - KEMU Medical Student